Planning For Me

"Getting It Right"

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi memorably asks, “Are you saved? I don’t mean in a theological sense but in a computer sense. Have you downloaded your life experience for the coming generations? Have you started doing your legacy work”?

How we prepare for our aging process is actually part of the legacy we leave our loved ones.
Some things to think about . . .

The entre, printable document to complete this outline is available by clicking here.

   logobullet   Get organized!

   logobullet   Do your research

   logobullet   Hold a family conference

   logobullet   Plan for health care decisions


   logobullet   Plan for physician assisted dying

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   logobullet   Plan for money management issues


   logobullet   Plan for long term care


   logobullet   Plan for preventing elder abuse

   logobullet   Plan for funeral and burial/cremation

   logobullet   Plan for forgiveness and reconciliation